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Hot Balloon Ride Dubai

As one of the pioneering companies for Hot Air Balloon Dubai, we provide you with a unique and unforgettable balloon adventure. We are aiming to be the safest, high quality and memorable hot air balloon flight experience in UAE.

Standard Hot Balloon Ride
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Hot Balloon Ride Dubai
Adventurous Balloon Flight over the Desert

We fly throughout Dubai and our personal touch and professional experience will make your hot balloon ride a memorable event

Standard Package

Sindbad Gulf Balloons offers a package that combines adventure and luxury, and it's the perfect way to experience Dubai's beauty from a different perspective. The Standard Hot Air Balloon Package includes the following:

Pickup & Dropoff
Your adventure begins with a convenient pickup from your hotel in Dubai, and after the Hot air balloon ride, you'll be safely returned to your accommodation.
Balloon Flight
The heart of the experience, your one-hour hot air balloon flight will take you over the desert of Dubai. Witness the sun rising over Mountains, casting a magical glow.
Enjoy a delightful buffet, which features a blend of Arabian flavors and international dishes. It's the perfect way to unwind and reflect on your incredible adventure
Flight Certificate
To commemorate your journey, you'll receive a flight certificate as a testament to your incredible hot air balloon adventure over Dubai's majestic landscape.

Soar Above Dubai's Majesty with Sindbad Gulf Balloons: A Standard Hot Air Balloon Package You Won't Forget

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