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With nearly a decade of experience in catering to 5000 passengers flown in 2005, 18000 passengers flown in 2006 and 34000 passengers flown in 2007 etc. We proudly consider ourselves among the very safest and best companies in worldwide Balloon industry.

Our Vision

Commitment to excellence in our operations and dedication to our guest’s demands and wishes are the key ingredients of Sindbad’s vision. We depended heavily on these qualities to achieve the status of one of the Hot Air Balloon Pioneers in the gulf and the middle east. Creating the best memories for others is a hard task, and we confidently claim that we are the experts at it!

We raise our standards as we move forward and strive to be not just the best brand but to amass friends from all over the world and give them wings through our Hot Air Balloon Flights!

We extend an invitation to all who intend to manifest the real experience of flight with the best team in business .

Our Mission

To reserve a permanent spot for our brand in the memories of those who choose to join us in our pursuit of a new Dream, everyday.

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Our Values

  • Communication: Open and free flow of communication among ourselves as well as with the audiences around the world, has kept us at the top of our game. We thrive on the third party endorsements and carry “Communication” as one of our core values and a highly reliable vehicle on a path to constant success.
  • Speed: We develop new goals for ourselves as we move forward. Understanding the changing pace of business around the world and having a laser focus on the latest trends, is a must. We move fast in order to be quick in our efforts to stay ahead of the game.
  • Change: We firmly stand by the fact that Change is constant, it is inevitable and it is, no doubt, the prerequisite for continuous growth and unstoppable success.
  • Taking Risks: We frequently step out of our comfort zone to explore opportunities and find new ways to enhance and improve.
  • Team Work: Our team is made up of sharp minded individuals working together, complimenting each others intelligence and intellect for a common goal. And all that, while having tons of FUN! Otherwise why do it at all?
  • QUALITY: Having only one product might sound simple, but the kind of product we offer, is the one that requires the most attention and heart-felt dedication. When your product has a direct connection with people' hearts and minds, you have to be really sensitive about its quality. We do not, and will not ever compromise on the quality of our services, at any cost!

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Our Fleet

Fleet one consists of 1 Balloon for maximum 6 passengers and Fleet two consists of 3 Balloons for maximum 20 passengers per Balloon.

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